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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I sometimes have reoccurring dreams. They don't happen often and they're not always the same exact dream, just similar. I might have a dream and remember having a similar dream a couple of years back. When I was younger, I used to have reoccurring dreams about being at the beach and a really, really, really big wave that basically looks like a wall of water is about to come down on us. It's huge and frightening! I've had this dream in adulthood, too. Freakin' scary tsunami dream! Ugh! 

I have other dreams that are always a bit different, but we end up in the same place. I like the places in these dreams. One of them consists of being on vacation somewhere, and we win an exclusive opportunity to basically go on a shopping spree. Sometimes it's at a mall or a large store, and you get a limited amount of time to grab whatever you can grab! It's usually a fancy store, not like supermarket sweep. Haha! So you have to browse a little bit. Sometimes it'll be at a large store where you have to spend your own money, but the stuff is discounted like 90%, and the time isn't limited. It's AMAZING!

The other place I like that shows up in my dreams is a store/restaurant that I'm usually excited to visit with my mom and sister. It is a big, large field with all kinds of crops and fresh fruit trees and plants. Next to the field is a store where the produce is sold, as well as a restaurant where they use the fresh produce to cook with. The store has some exotic foods. The restaurant has awesome food, the staff is really nice, but it's always busy and they have to rush us through a little bit. I wish this place was real! :) I wish the shopping spree place was real, too! Like how I dream about food and shopping? Yeah.

Another dream I have is NOT so pleasant, and it's quite different every time. But we're usually in Mexico or another country on a mission trip. I've done a mission trip to Mexico to build houses about 10+ times, but it's never been scary.  In my dreams, it is! We usually either get lost or deserted, get captured by bad guys, or get captured by cops and get in trouble for something we didn't really do. One time my mom, dad, and I got shoved into a scary room with some cops and there were two guillotines! The rest of my family wasn't there, besides Lance, who got left outside of the scary room, but I wondered what would happen to him.  I woke up before I saw what our fate was. ha! What the heck?! 

I also dream about Carrisa from time to time. Not often, but maybe every few months. It's usually a good dream. But there's a common theme, where she's always alive in my dreams, but at some point we realize that she's not "supposed" to be there. Something seems odd. Like, how is she alive? One time she had miraculously come back to life after being dead for a while. But it was somewhat "normal" in my dream. I mean, she was in our local newspaper and stuff, but it wasn't worldwide news like it would be if someone really came back to life. One time we were at a conference and someone was showing us a presentation one of our "possible futures". It was weird. But in the clip of Carrisa's future, it showed her on a big boat, like a cruise ship kinda, and she was laying on a blanket with FOUR of her children. :) She was sooo happy. They were running around and sitting near her and she was laughing. The sun was shining. It was beautiful! 

Another thing I dream about is fighting with my family or friends. I've had dreams about having a HUGE fight with my mom, dad, Nae, and a few dreams about having huge fights with random old friends from school that I don't even know anymore. So weird!

I have a few other dreams that aren't reoccurring, but they are quite memorable. One of them was that we were on a church retreat in some cabins up on a large mountain. A bunch of monster-people came after us and we had to grab all of our stuff and flee down the mountain to safety. Our old pastor's wife had just had a baby (She was actually pregnant in real life at the time of my dream), but the baby was JUST A HEAD!  No body. They had other kids and people to take care of, so they asked me if I'd carry the baby down. As we were running, I was holding the baby/head (who was apparently perfectly fine, even though it had like, NO organs, pretty much), and I was trying to hold it firmly enough to not drop it, but gently enough to not squish it's soft spot. It was SO WEIRD AND GROSS!     Another one I had as a kid. Lance and I were playing outside in the sand, and I got up and left to get something. Suddenly the sand turned to quicksand and Lance started sinking! He wasn't strong enough to get out. A helicopter came flying in above him and dropped a rope for him to grab, and they pulled him out. That one scarred me for a while! 

We got a new bed and Ryan and I have both been dreaming a lot since we got it! It's not comfy though, and we're thinking about returning it.

I hope you enjoyed my WEIRDNESS!

The End.

Monday, March 25, 2013


When Emilee was a small baby, I used to ALWAYS have to rock her to sleep. Pretty much every bedtime, every nap, all the time!  Ryan would do it too, but I think she liked her mama's rocking the best. :) I used to be so overwhelmed when she was tiny. She was so fussy. She was always gassy. She HAD to be swaddled, have her binky, be rocked to sleep. Sometimes I even hated doing it. Usually in the middle of the night while living with very low energy and very little sleep.

Emilee still likes to be rocked once in a while. Usually her preferred soothing method is a bottle though, instead of her Mommy. But if she's just overly tired, sick, or just feeling snuggly, she'll want to be rocked to sleep. She is getting bigger and older every day. My little girl isn't really a baby anymore in a lot of ways. She walks, she's starting to talk, she can sort of feed herself. She does what she wants. ;-)  When I have to rock her now, I cherish it. I wish I had the energy to cherish it when she was teeny tiny. And a lot of the time I did cherish it and soak it all in, while other times my lack of sleep and chronic tiredness kept me from loving every moment of it. Now I love every moment of it. I rock her for a little while longer even after I know she's asleep. I listen to her breathing turn into a little snore, I rub her tiny back, I smell her freshly shampooed hair, I kiss her forehead multiple times and feel her little fingers. She is still my baby! I love that special time with my sweetie, even if she's just sleeping through it. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My favorite little lady :)

EMILEE is so extra adorable these days!!! Yesterday we went to the mall to get Daddy's hair cut and to go get Emilee's picture taken with Santa. When we got there, Santa was on his dinner break so we went to the haircutting place first. There was no way Emilee was going to be able to stay in there because all she wanted to do was touch all of the shampoos and lotions on the shelves covering the walls. So, I let her roam around the mall and go wherever she wanted to go! (I followed her, obviously). :)  She ran from store to store, and if she liked the music playing she would go inside and dance. Her signature move is the Squat, and the more she likes the music, the lower she'll squat. So she'd go in and squat-dance for a minute and then run out to the next store. Stinkin' adorable. This whole time she was in her beautiful Christmas dress and the cute gray pea coat she got from Aunt Nae!

After she checked out at least half of the mall, we headed over to see Santa. She wasn't scared of him at all (in fact, I don't even know if she knew he was there. She almost acted like we just set her on a chair or something. And Santa didn't say ANYTHING, so I guess that could be why?), but she was totally serious and wouldn't smile either. The picture came out cute though. It was a bit overpriced but it will be so fun to look back on when she's older!

Today I tried to make handprint ornaments out of "salt dough" (you can find it on Pinterest) with Emilee and the little girl I babysit, Grace. They did NOT turn out! I'd like to try again but Emilee acted like I was trying to kill her when I was trying to get her handprint into the dough, so I don't know if it's going to happen. Haha! 

Emilee is almost 15 months old now, and this will be her first Christmas where she can actually interact and open gifts and have fun. Last year she was as cute as can BE but I don't think she had a clue what was going on, and Mommy & Daddy had to open all of her gifts for her! :)  I can't wait to see her cuteness this year. I'm so excited. 

She talks almost non-stop every day. She's not actually saying any words (except for a few), but she sure acts like she's trying to tell us something. Haha! She tells us alllll about it. I have no idea what she's trying to say, but it's pretty cute to hear her chatter like that. I love her little voice. I can't wait to hear it when she's talking more (real words). I love her little LAUGH even more. It is the BEST! She is ticklish all over, but especially her thighs and under her neck. She even giggles when we zip up her jammies because it apparently tickles all the way up her tummy to her chin. Haha!

She is so beautiful. She has her daddy's eyes. She has a big, beautiful smile. She has squishy cheeks. She has soft skin, yummy smelling hair, a cute belly and a cute little TUSH! :) The cutest thing about her is her little personality. She is always tries to make us laugh by doing silly stuff that she knows we'll laugh at. She's curious about everything. She snuggles her babies and stuffed animals and gives kisses to us, and I LOVE IT! She has a little attitude and fights sleep sometimes, and throws food on the floor even though I tell her "no-no!". She literally looks me in the eye the whole time while she reaches for the food, grabs it, hangs it over the edge of her tray, and slowly releases it as it falls to the ground. HAHA! LITTLE STINKER! Ahhh, but I love her soooo muuuuuch!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The holidays are coming up!

Thanksgiving is in just a few days! Ahhh! Look at my sweet Thanksgiving girl!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012!

Yes, Ryan was a UNICORN! (you can't see his tail...) 

My little CHICKEN! :) 

Grace wearing Emilee's chicken hat with her Snow White costume. Silly girl!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My house wishlist

These are things I'd love to save up for if we stay in our house a long time. This might take years and years, or not happen at all, but it is just fun for me to think about. I'm totally thankful and happy with what we have now. Thank you, Lord, for a roof over my head, lots off space, an air conditioner and heater, a warm bed, and my two best friends who live in my house with me! :)

-Solar panels!  I have NO idea how much these cost, but I've heard how effective they are at lowering bills. We like to stay comfy so we run our heater or air conditioner depending on the weather, so our PG&E bills are pretty high sometimes (especially in the HOT Chico summer!)  It'd be awesome to have solar panels someday, but I'm probably dreamin'.

-New carpet

-Wood or tile floors in our kitchen instead of old linoleum that is lifting up at the seams!

-tile floors in the bathrooms

-NEW SHOWERS. Right now they are just that fiberglass(?) ugliness. The floor of our master bath shower is stained and disgusting! I keep trying to clean it and scrub it and use all kinds of hardcore chemicals on it and NOTHING works! I'd love to have it redone someday. I couldn't possibly imagine being able to sell our house once a buyer sees that nasty looking shower! This is at the TOP of my list, besides maybe the linoleum. 

- new sink in the kitchen. Ours is metal and I can never get it clean.

- screen door to back yard. (I know, silly, but whatever. it still makes my "wish list").

- restain all cabinets (kichen/bathroom) to a different color. Right now they are kind of a reddish-brown, and I prefer a darker brown, or at least just a regular brown and not red-brown.

- have ALL lights have a dimmer feature, and a better looking light fixture in the kitchen.

- take out most of the plants in our back yard and rip up the lawn and replace it with sod. Right now it's patchy and bumpy and the "lawn" looks tiny because there are too many plants back there. I'd also love to either pour concrete or put down rocks/bark along the sides of our house so that it doesn't get overgrown.

- speaking of yard stuff, it would be cool to have different flowers in our front yard. But something that is still easy to take care of.

- make our back living room area into Emilee's play room. This would be easy to do with a little bit of decor and someday a little play kitchen. I can't wait to get her a play kitchen for christmas someday! 

- The outside of our house is an ugly color, too. PAINT!

-Paint the main bathroom light blue

-New light fixtures and mirrors in the bathroom

-New furniture! :) Our couch is falling apart! 

I'm sure I could think of more if I really started dreaming! haha!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Road trip!

I got a chance to visit my best friend's daughter and her family last week while they were visiting from Colorado. I had to drive a few hours after an already long week, but it was SO worth it! Norah looks exactly like Carrisa. She has grown up so much since Carrisa passed away. She is such a beautiful young lady!!!!!  So are her sisters! :)  I love those little girlies.

I found this in my CD stash. :)

 Emilee took a good little nap in the car

And she woke up very happy! :) 


The girls loved playing together

Princess Emilee

 Pretty much impossible to get a picture of all of the girls together. Haha!

Our girls :)